What we are all about?

An active adventure focusing on health, exercise, yoga & diet all relating to your personal objectives in your life.


California – This venue is in Monterey Bay Peninsula. You must have heard of it. It is located 60 miles south of San Francisco. From beach and ocean scenes to hiking in giant Redwood Forests we found the perfect spot to help you reconnect with yourself and your life’s ambitions. A plus, it’s less than 1 hour from San Jose international airport.

Who comes?

People who want to change their life! How many? Maximum groups of 10, to a minimum 1. The fewer the guests the more custom we can make your week with us.

Why Body & Soul Adventures?

Your Body & Soul Adventure is designed to kick start you in to a higher quality of life by making good choices and having the discipline to complete them. Mike has spent most of his adult life reconnecting to why he was born. Up until 32 years old he was disconnected then on September 27th, 1990 he stopped drinking alcohol and his new life begun with the help of practicing yoga, drinking lots of water, exercise, percussions, dancing and last but not least finding his mission in life (www.projectplaysoccer.org) which all helped him to stay the course and tackle life’s biggest problems. Body & Soul Adventures makes two promises to you during your week: 1) to motivate you each day by example to never give up; 2) return home looking and feeling better than you have ever felt in your adult life. Then with discipline tattooed in to your consciousness you will continue to up your quality of life each day forward no matter where you live.

How much?

The price will be determined after you talk with us. The cost of your adventure can be a total tax write off as it will be donated to the non-profit Body & Soul Adventures sponsors, Project Play Soccer, a US 501-C3. The MISSION of this non profit is to help curb poverty & violence worldwide by using the powerful tool THE BALL. Please see the website for more details on this sponsorship at: www.projectplaysoccer.org


Get in Touch

+1 650-532-7086


A telephone conversation with us is the first step in booking your reservation as this adventure is not for everyone. Those who do get the green light after the initial telephone interview will be given the opportunity to change their life for the better, no easy task to say the least. The Body & Soul staff will give you 100% attention and support to ensure your success during the week and more importantly to prepare you to continue on this quest for the rest of your life. Upon your arrival at our adventure be prepared to sweat and smile for miles!!!!