What we are all about?

An active adventure focusing on health, exercise, yoga & diet all relating to your personal objectives in your life.
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Who comes?

People who want to change their life!

How many? Maximum groups of 16, to a minimum of 1. The fewer the guests the more custom we can make your week with us.

Must have an interview before a reservation can be made, please call +1 408-348-5727 (PST).

The California Adventure

Your adventure starts and ends in San Francisco, the rest of the week is a surprise!

"The main activity of our retreat is to spend as much time in the Forest!" - Mike Mitchell


Why Body & Soul Adventures?

Your Body & Soul Adventure is designed to kick start you in to a higher quality of life by making good choices and having the discipline to complete them.

Mike has spent most of his adult life reconnecting to why he was born. Up until 32 years old he was disconnected then on September 27th, 1990 he stopped drinking alcohol and his new life begun with the help of practicing yoga, drinking lots of water, exercise, percussions, dancing and last but not least finding his mission in life - Project Play Soccer (www.projectplaysoccer.org) - which all helped him to stay the course and tackle life’s biggest problems.

Body & Soul Adventures makes two promises to you during your week: 1) to motivate you each day by example to never give up; 2) return home looking and feeling better than you have ever felt in your adult life.

Then with discipline tattooed in to your consciousness you will continue to up your quality of life each day forward no matter where you live.


"It was so great to be back with Mike/BSA after spending time with BSA in Brazil and Chico, California 2012. Read more

He makes magic happen. The hiking was magnificent, the canoeing was an adventure and the massages were perfect. Can't wait to return and join him for a concert of spoons."
- Jennifer R., May 2016  

"I really don't know how to put my week at body and soul adventures into words. In short, I was uplifted and transformed. This was truly one of the best weeks of my life. Everyone finds themselves in a crossroads in life at one point or another. It was a spiritual getaway unlike anything I've ever experience before. Read more

Lovingly and painstakingly put together, by a man of great integrity, Mike Mitchell. Mike leads you into a lifestyle that anyone can learn from. His non-profit provides children with way more than soccer balls, it provides them with hope in one of the poorest communities in the world. Attending one of his retreats gave me a chance to contribute to his inspiring foundation. Before I came to body and soul adventures Santa Cruz I never knew what medicine from nature could do. This property in the Santa Cruz mountains, California has a very special vibration coming from the redwood forest. I can say I was scared and nervous as this experience was completely outside of my comfort zone in every way. I am not an athlete, or even a hiker, it was at times a personal challenge that ultimately lead me to major breakthroughs in ALL areas in my life. My personal life, career and job situation were all in a major crossroads, and I truly wanted to find direction within myself. I was able to go at my own pace and have my own journey while being accompanied by incredible guides along the way. Mark, Robert and Mike are out of this world spectacular, in being prepared for any situation. You can come and relax, as you are always in the best hands. This is not your typical retreat, Mike has been able to package something so special into this experience. I was able to make various big life decisions after leaving Body and Soul. I can't really say if it was the incredible group of people I was surrounded with, morning yoga, great vegetarian cuisine, the impromptu live music nights, the great conversations by the fire, or the many nuggets of wisdom imparted with smiles by Mike and Mark along the trails, but somewhere along this incredible week things fell into place and I am so forever grateful. I look forward to being part if future Body and Soul Adventures in the near future. For anyone thinking of attending, I would say this is the best gift you could ever give yourself. This retreat will allow you the space to take a break from your buzzing life, and be able to connect with nature and yourself."
- Cristina Alonso, May 2016  

"My experience on the Body and Soul Adventure's week in May of 2016 was INCREDIBLE! The location in Santa Cruz was beautiful, the hiking supurb.Read more

The hospitality of Robert, Mike, Mark and staff is unbeatable. The food amazing, the outting's to the nearby town were beautiful.....what more can I say.. The guests all became good friends by the end of the week, only to vouch to all to do it again as a group in 6 months. If that isn't a recommendation, I don't know what is! The trail expert and guide, Mark did an amazing job of herding us all to safety on each hike, bike ride and canoe ride. Yeah Mark!! You will not be disappointed, sign up today!" Did I mention, this was my SECOND Adventure with Body and Soul and not going to be the LAST!"
- Cheryl Cason, May 2016  

Get in Touch

+1 408-348-5727

219 Anita Rd #5, Burlingame, CALIFORNIA 94010


How much?

PPSlogo_blacktxt_LWe do not charge for your week with us. If you want you can make a donation you can afford after your week with Body & Soul. All proceeds go to the Non Profit (Tax deductible) organization www.projectplaysoccer.org. We thank you in advance for supporting our philanthropy project as we try and help curb poverty & violence through PLAY.

Make the call!
A telephone conversation with us is the first step in booking your reservation as this adventure is not for everyone. Those who get the green light after the initial telephone interview will be given the opportunity to change their life for the better, no easy task to say the least. The Body & Soul staff will give you 100% attention and support to ensure your success during the week and more importantly to prepare you to continue on this quest for the rest of your life. Upon your arrival at our adventure be prepared to sweat and smile for miles!!!!
See you soon,
Mike Mitchell