5 Tips to Start Meditating Right Now!

5 Tips to Start Meditating Right Now!

The practice of meditation is to bring the mind into a state of calm and relaxation. The opposite of common sense, which believes that the right thing is not to think about anything, that is, to take the mind to an extreme emptiness.

Through posture and focus on attention, breathing and the present moment, meditation is able to generate several benefits, such as reducing stress, anxiety and insomnia, as well as improving focus and productivity at work and studies.

Learning to meditate has several benefits, such as:

  • Increases the power of concentration;
  • Calms the mind;
  • Decreases stress;
  • Helps relieve physical and mental pain;
  • Improves memory;
  • Promotes well-being;
  • Improves self-confidence;
  • Minimizes bodily pain;
  • It helps in self-knowledge.

So that you have access to all these benefits, we have separated 5 tips to start meditating right now, check it out:

  1. Take time and find a quiet place

For meditation to become part of your routine, it is important that you create “customs” around it, such as having a space and a time just for that purpose. So make time in your schedule to meditate and choose a place where you can be alone and concentrate.

It doesn’t need a lot of time! In the beginning, it can be just 5 minutes and increase with time, if necessary. Your space doesn’t need anything pompous either, the most important thing is to feel comfortable.

  1. Find the ideal position

The traditional meditation position is the lotus pose, with the legs crossed and the feet on the thighs. However, there is no rule, the ideal is to feel comfortable.

It can be seated in a chair or on a bench, for example. It is recommended that you just keep your spine straight, your shoulders relaxed and your neck aligned.

  1. Control your breathing

Controlling your breath is one of the most important (and difficult) techniques in meditation. By giving her your full attention, you will be focusing on the present moment and what really matters.

There are several materials on the internet that can help you with this, with techniques to control breathing.

  1. Make use of a mantra

For greater focus in traditional meditation, it is common to use the sound of a mantra. The “om” is the best known, but you can look for other meditation sounds in playlists, for example.

In addition, nature sounds are also great allies. If you can’t focus on anything during meditation, try using apps that can be your guide or even a yoga teacher.

  1. Accept your thoughts

It is common, during meditation, for several thoughts to appear in your mind – even events that you didn’t even remember anymore. Don’t try to fight with yourself, just accept them and let them go.

Meditation is a technique that depends on process and time to improve. Having a whirlwind of thoughts during practice is normal.

Now you know everything you need to start meditating! Good meditation.

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