7 ways to connect with nature

Have a healthier and more well-being life with these tips!

Living close to nature is currently difficult, since more and more people are dependent on everything the city offers and need to comply with our routines, whether work, study or others.

Still, you can create habits and small changes in routine to reconnect with nature even in the city! They are small habits that you can increase in your routine to have more well-being and quality of life.

We came from nature and we will return to it one day, it is she who was our first and most primitive. That’s why it’s so important to connect to it, it’s to seek our essence and ancestry.

  1. Enjoy the sunrise or sunset.

Mother nature gives us several shows to enjoy! Watching these great and beautiful moments of hers is a great way to renew energies and get closer to mother nature.

In addition, sunbathing gives us vitamin D, which gives us more energy to live our routine. Vitamin D deficiency is a real problem for the population today. Dedicate at least 15 minutes of your day to feel the power of the sun’s rays on your body.

  1. Watch the sky and stars at night.

The Moon has a direct influence on your body and your life! Especially for women. Choose a quiet place and watch the night sky, study the impacts of moon types on you and connect with them for a life with more well-being and self-knowledge.

  1. Prefer natural medicine.

Before rushing to doctors and pharmaceutical remedies, try medicinal herbs! Nature gives everything we need to our body, which reacts better and will not suffer as many impacts from traditional medicine.

  1. Do outdoor programs.

How about inviting your friends to a picnic in a part of your city? Or go for a hike… Being without protection from a roof already makes nature have an easier connection with you

Ps: enjoy this tour to put your feet on the ground!

  1. Have plants at home!

Improve the atmosphere of your home with plants! They bring life, purify the air and still make any environment beautiful! In addition, you can observe the processes of nature and understand that everything in life has its time.

  1. Grow a small vegetable garden!

Choose the condiments and vegetables you like to eat and get to work. The next step may be to search for more information and cultivation techniques for each species you planted. So you create things with nature and connect with it!

  1. Take a trip with Body & Soul

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