What is The Amazon Adventure?

Body & Soul Adventures has created the trip of a lifetime combining the tried and tested program since 2001 (Ilha Grande, Brazil) with retracing the history of the building of the biggest wooden tallship in Brazil (Tocorimé Pamatojari) by having the man who built it (Markus Lehmann) as our principle guide. He lived for 6 years in Santarém building his dream, now all guests who participate also get to relive that dream.

This trip is the mother trip of all adventures. First come, first serve as we will be serving 24/7 the lucky 20 guests (10 per week) who sign up to go so call Mike now to book your Amazon Adventure. You must have a phone call with Mike before you can sign up.

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Who comes?

People who want to change their life!

How many? Groups of up to 10 guests

Must have an interview before a reservation can be made, please schedule a call with Mike at +1 408 348 5727 (PST).

The Amazon Adventure

Your adventure starts and ends at Santarém International Airport in Brazil.

"The Amazon Adventure is your key to discovering the secrets of the true Amazon - life on the greatest waterway and eco-diversity in the planet!"



Day 1 - Your adventure begins in the heart of the Amazon. We arrive in Santarém, Pará where evolution and it’s theories are challenged and confirmed. We start off in the city - the scents and sights of a truly tropical metropolis. We become accustomed to the air, to the bustle of the inland coastal city. As part of this integrated Amazon adventure - the local market is one of our first visits, an incredibly unique experience sourcing our necessities for the week ahead. Now that we have our sustenance - we retire for the last amenity of modern life. Tropical Hotel.

Santarém: There is a saying in Santarém: “Anyone who drinks water from the Tapajós River, will be cast under a spell and never leave!” Since it’s founding 356 years ago, many people who have arrived be it on a simple visit, on business, to study or in search of a new inspiration, end up leaving their imaginary soul in Santarém as if it were their native land.
Arapiuns River: mesmerizing location, with lush banks of rock formations, incredibly beautiful deserted beaches with long sand dunes that stretch for miles. Small quaint riverside communities with hand crafts using straws seeds and roots for coloring and decoration.

Day 2 - The early morning hours are set aside to get us into the Amazon life - yoga, workout and massage before we board the vessel - our Amazon home for the next week. It is this sound and steadfast structure which will take us on our journey to the true heart of the Amazon. The tour takes us to the birthplace of the construction of the largest tall ship in Brazil - the Maracanã beach. Here we hear and see the story of the crazy construction of the Tall Ship Tocorimé. On return we settle in to the current of the river and cross the majestic Tapajós River. Here we literally cross the confines of time and space - reappearing in a place that so few have ever seen. We travel across a massive river that is merely a tributary to the Amazon and from there we cross across to the other side – the Arapiuns river. We anchor at the vast peninsula of Ponta Grande do Arapiuns.

Tapajós National Forest: about 600 thousand hectares of mountains, lakes, native forests and more than 160 km of beaches
Alter do Chão: Even though it is far removed from the sea in a remote corner of the Amazon jungle, Alter do Chão must rank among the world’s most alluring beach towns. Read what New York Times wrote about Alter do Chão

Day 3 - In the morning we discover the wonders of the river: canoeing, paddling, swimming, hiking - resting and relaxing. This is one of the great regions for fishing and watching, playing with the Boto Dolphins. We have sessions of yoga on the beach.

Day 4 - Our vessel brings us even further up stream to the small and humble village of São Miguel - here we are met by the locals who kindly show us their extremely privileged - yet humble existence. We settle in to the amenities of a traditional Amazon river vessel that will bring us tomorrow ventures.

Day 5 – Visit the world destination spot Alter do Chão, considered the Amazon Caribbean. A plethora of activities will take place in this natural sanctuary; Serra da Piraoca: highest point of Alter do Chão (110 meters) accessible by trail, the most privileged view of the whole region. A 5 meter cross (set by Portuguese colonizers & Borarí tribe Natives) blesses the location.

Canal do Jari: Best place in the region to know its immense and rich biodiversity, where you can see alligators, iguanas, porpoises, piranhas, parrots, herons, hawks, among many other species and also its native vegetation.
Lagoa Verde: Also known as the Enchanted Forest, it is one of the most important ecotourism tours of Alter, where you go through the forest of igapó, a type of vegetation typical of the Amazon Forest, and large treetops whose trunks are submerged on the river, and you can dive with fish in the creeks, trail along the banks and observe wild animals.

Day 6 - Ponto do Cururu, isolated last night in a beautiful river cove. The last full day where we will hike and paddle in the home waters of the Tapajós. A series of activities will prepare us for the wonderful evening program when we will celebrate the Amazon Adventure with a Festival da Lenda do Boto, symbolizing the true connection that man has with Nature, and the dependance we have on Mother Earth. The Boto is the Amazonian Dolphin (Pink) and also is a mythical Amazonian legend that transforms the River Dolphin into a man - for just one evening. There will be dance and song that occurs only in the Amazon, and that demonstrates the strength of the people and the magic of the nature.

Day 7 – Return to Santarem, last minute shopping, board your flight, end Amazon Adventure.

Why Body & Soul Adventures?

Your Body & Soul Adventure is designed to kick start you in to a higher quality of life by making good choices and having the discipline to complete them.

Mike has spent most of his adult life reconnecting to why he was born. Up until 32 years old he was disconnected then on September 27th, 1990 he stopped drinking alcohol and his new life begun with the help of practicing yoga, drinking lots of water, exercise, percussions, dancing and last but not least finding his mission in life - Project Play Soccer (www.projectplaysoccer.org) - which all helped him to stay the course and tackle life’s biggest problems.

Body & Soul Adventures makes two promises to you during your week: 1) to motivate you each day by example to never give up; 2) return home looking and feeling better than you have ever felt in your adult life.

Then with discipline tattooed in to your consciousness you will continue to up your quality of life each day forward no matter where you live.


"I’ve had the joy of participating in BSA retreats in Brazil, both on the island an in Paraty (on the mainland) and was saddened when BSA closed there.Read more

The entire experience was wonderful, enriching both my body & soul (hence the appropriate name). Daily Yoga (quite expert and not the normal “health club” style) was so authentic and rewarding. The Staff was first-class and professional, and the meals were outstandingly healthy and satisfying. Accommodations were just right. Daily hiking or kayaking (once in “War Canoes”) was invigorating, and by offering both helped break up the action a bit. Plenty of time for relaxing too. I left with new friends, a lighter load (physically & mentally) and am looking forward to the upcoming “rebirth” near California’s Monterrey Bay. (I’ve experienced some of the venues, and they look fantastic!). The founder and owner, Mike, has the right background and spirit, and because of his organizing Body & Soul around a wonderful philanthropic enterprise (Project Play Africa), you can now not only do yourself some good, but symbiotically help others too in the bargain."
- Hans, May 2016  

"It was so great to be back with Mike/BSA after spending time with BSA in Brazil and Chico, California 2012. Read more

He makes magic happen. The hiking was magnificent, the canoeing was an adventure and the massages were perfect. Can't wait to return and join him for a concert of spoons."
- Jennifer R., May 2016  

"I really don't know how to put my week at body and soul adventures into words. In short, I was uplifted and transformed. This was truly one of the best weeks of my life. Everyone finds themselves in a crossroads in life at one point or another. It was a spiritual getaway unlike anything I've ever experienced before. Read more

Lovingly and painstakingly put together, by a man of great integrity, Mike Mitchell. Mike leads you into a lifestyle that anyone can learn from. His non-profit provides children with way more than soccer balls, it provides them with hope in one of the poorest communities in the world. Attending one of his retreats gave me a chance to contribute to his inspiring foundation. Before I came to body and soul adventures Santa Cruz I never knew what medicine from nature could do. This property in the Santa Cruz mountains, California has a very special vibration coming from the redwood forest. I can say I was scared and nervous as this experience was completely outside of my comfort zone in every way. I am not an athlete, or even a hiker, it was at times a personal challenge that ultimately lead me to major breakthroughs in ALL areas in my life. My personal life, career and job situation were all in a major crossroads, and I truly wanted to find direction within myself. I was able to go at my own pace and have my own journey while being accompanied by incredible guides along the way. Mark, Robert and Mike are out of this world spectacular, in being prepared for any situation. You can come and relax, as you are always in the best hands. This is not your typical retreat, Mike has been able to package something so special into this experience. I was able to make various big life decisions after leaving Body and Soul. I can't really say if it was the incredible group of people I was surrounded with, morning yoga, great vegetarian cuisine, the impromptu live music nights, the great conversations by the fire, or the many nuggets of wisdom imparted with smiles by Mike and Mark along the trails, but somewhere along this incredible week things fell into place and I am so forever grateful. I look forward to being part if future Body and Soul Adventures in the near future. For anyone thinking of attending, I would say this is the best gift you could ever give yourself. This retreat will allow you the space to take a break from your buzzing life, and be able to connect with nature and yourself."
- Cristina Alonso, May 2016

"My experience on the Body and Soul Adventure's week in May of 2016 was INCREDIBLE! The Monterey Bay venue was beautiful, the hiking superb.Read more

The hospitality of Robert, Mike, Mark and staff is unbeatable. The food amazing, the outting's to the nearby town were beautiful.....what more can I say.. The guests all became good friends by the end of the week, only to vouch to all to do it again as a group in 6 months. If that isn't a recommendation, I don't know what is! The trail expert and guide, Mark did an amazing job of herding us all to safety on each hike, bike ride and canoe ride. Yeah Mark!! You will not be disappointed, sign up today!" Did I mention, this was my SECOND Adventure with Body and Soul and not going to be the LAST!"
- Cheryl Cason, May 2016  

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