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Combining resort luxury with the comfort of a private. For those who want a sea view.

Enhance your rest and relaxation with our curated onsite amenities.

*Other optional accommodations please, ask us for more details. Click here!

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A telephone conversation with me (Mike) is the first step in booking your reservation as this adventure is not for everyone. Those who get the green light after the initial telephone interview will be given the opportunity to change their life for the better, no easy task to say the least. The Body & Soul staff will give you 100% attention and support to ensure your success during the week and more importantly to prepare you to continue on this quest for the rest of your life. Upon your arrival at our adventure be prepared to sweat and smile for miles!!!!

See you soon, Mike Mitchell
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Support the Project

We ask for a donation to our non-profit/tax deductible in exchange for your adventure.
To participate in the adventure, we ask for a donation of $500/day or more. 1, 2, 3 & 7 day adventures .