Do you know how to make healthy choices?

We are so far removed from nature, can we still make good decisions?

With people increasingly removed from nature and crowding into large cities, often with minimal contact with what is natural, our choices are extremely guided by this lifestyle.

This means that we do not always make decisions that really do us good, whether for our body or mind. This is worrying! How long will we harm our bodies and live lives that don’t truly supply what we need in our hearts?


The technology is good, but we need to take a break


Our society is increasingly technological, we have incredible improvements due to technologies created by men. The advances in medicine are undeniable, the way we can be close even from afar and the means of transport increasingly safe and comfortable.

This is all essential for our current lifestyle, even so, it is necessary to know how to balance between a highly technological life and what we are: nature! Regardless of your religious beliefs, human beings are essentially natural.

We need contact with nature to live a healthy life, put our feet on the ground, reconnect with the universe and, consequently, with ourselves.


Fatigue to decide: among a sea of ​​options, we get tired!


Do you always have a huge to-do list? Skip meals or not even exercise for lack of time? The amount of things to do and decisions to make in one day is tiring.

You may have made too many decisions during the day, from the most irrelevant to the most crucial. If that’s the case, then you’d certainly prefer someone else to make that important decision for you, whether in the family, work or leisure environment.

And these decisions are not always based on healthy choices that will really improve your life, right? We enter a cycle of bad choices, too many options and things to do.

Even simple decisions like where to go for lunch is something that takes a lot of energy, you enter a delivery app and endless restaurants are there offering different types of meals. There is no breather!


Disconnect to Reconnect


Taking a step back, breathing fresh air and disconnecting from the busy and busy life of the big cities is essential to reconnect with yourself, with your purpose in life, with your reason in life and with nature.

When we do this, we can breathe and begin to perceive life around us, understand what kinds of impacts our choices have on our body, psychologically and emotionally, and we have greater confidence to make truly healthy decisions.

Stop automatic mode right now, take control of your life and experience an incredible experience with Body and Soul. 

Do you dare to change your life?


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