Do you know what Body & Soul is?

Learn all about this experience that can change your life!

Body and Soul is much more than a simple trip, it is an immersion within yourself and nature, focusing on improving physical and emotional health, with exercise, yoga and a healthy diet, always related to your personal goals.

In addition, you also help communities in situations of social vulnerability, as Body & Soul is a philanthropic company that exists to try to improve the world and the lives of more people.

Anyone who has gone through one of our experiences knows how Body and Soul can positively affect life and be a real change booster connected with nature. Know everything about us, read the article:


Much more than tourism, it is life changing!


Body and Soul exists to change people’s lives, so before signing up for any program offered by us, those interested go through an interview with our founder and guide, Mike Mitchell.

In it, he seeks to understand who you are and what your goals are, in this way, it is possible to create an action plan that makes sense with the desired goals. This makes the experience even more special and meaningful!

The adventure you will experience with Body and Soul is created to encourage people to be healthier in a conscious way and to do so by making better choices and with discipline.

You improve and still do good


We are a philanthropic company, do you know what that means? We are an association created to carry out actions for the benefit of families, mothers, children, young people, the elderly, people with disabilities, among other segments socially exposed to exclusion and discrimination.

The project to which we allocate our efforts and investments is Project Play Soccer, an NGO that fights violence and poverty with the power of sport and football. Providing tools for communities in vulnerable situations to be integrated, socially and playfully.

In this way, it is possible to fight violence and poverty, giving roles and tools for the people of the community to change their reality. The project serves as an incentive for everyone to be more independent


It’s a life changing opportunity


All people who have had an experience with Body and Soul tell us how we were an agent in changing their lives. See a testimonial:

“I’ve had the joy of participating in BSA retreats in Brazil, both on the island an in Paraty (on the mainland) and was saddened when BSA closed there. The entire experience was wonderful, enriching both my body & soul (hence the appropriate name). Daily Yoga (quite expert and not the normal “health club” style) was so authentic and rewarding. 

The Staff was first-class and professional, and the meals were outstandingly healthy and satisfying. Accommodations were just right. Daily hiking or kayaking (once in “War Canoes”) was invigorating, and by offering both helped break up the action a bit. Plenty of time for relaxing too. I left with new friends, a lighter load (physically & mentally) and am looking forward to the upcoming “rebirth” near California’s Monterrey Bay. (I’ve experienced some of the venues, and they look fantastic!).

The founder and owner, Mike, has the right background and spirit, and because of his organizing Body & Soul around a wonderful philanthropic enterprise (Project Play Africa), you can now not only do yourself some good, but symbiotically help others too in the bargain.”

– Hans, May 2016  

Hans lived Body and Soul and, of course, came out a completely new and better person. We are very happy to be able to provide this change for him, come and change your life too! Contact.

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