How is the quality of your goals in life?

Let’s think together about your life decisions!

How many times have you found yourself, paralyzed, thinking about the next path to take in your life? We make choices and they shape our lives. They are present both in big moments and in small situations, that is, we cannot escape decision making.

For some people this process is easy and straightforward, while for others it is an arduous and time-consuming task. Even so, we are not always satisfied with what we choose at a given moment, life even seems meaningless, empty. The question is, have your decisions been good for you or based on desires?

With that in mind, we wrote a complete article for you to reflect on the quality of your life decisions. Good reading!

Self-knowledge is essential to make good choices!

The first step to knowing how to make good choices is to reconnect with your essence, understand your limits and who you truly are. Here are some tips to practice self-knowledge:

  • Connect your past with your present to think about the future: rethinking moments in your history allows you to ask yourself why you made some choices. These responses can help you understand your current interests, habits, relationships and preferences;
  • Look at your energy and engagement: what times of day do you have the most energy? And which ones have less? What types of activities give you the most pleasure? Which ones would you like not to have to do? Why does it happen?;
  • Think about your thoughts, feelings and desires: reflecting on how you think, about your feelings and desires can help you better understand how you react to different situations, the first step for you to be able to better manage your emotional and behavioral responses.

Knowing yourself helps positively when making decisions, so you better understand what is most valuable to you and what your limits are.

Choosing something is giving up something

Each choice generates as a consequence giving up something, this feeling of resignation can seem or represent a loss, in which case, it is important to be aware of the options in front of you.

Understanding what is best for you and accepting that it is not possible to have everything in life, when you choose something with a clear vision of the things you can have and which you will need to give up. It is possible to have more peace of mind when dealing with the loss.

Making conscious choices in line with your true values ​​and deepest desires, in pursuit of a more purposeful job and life, is indeed a successful choice.

You can learn all this with Body & Soul!

Body & Soul exists to help you make decisions that are more aligned with your values ​​and essence. We were designed for you to start having a better quality of life, making good choices and having the discipline to complete them.

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