The importance of reconnecting and getting closer to nature

Reconnecting with our essence is being close to mother nature.

We live in a world increasingly distant from nature, we are in big cities that don’t stop for a second and never turn off. Depending on where you live, you can find anything at any time.

This takes us away from the natural process of things, speed makes us run and we have no concept of time, of waiting, we are increasingly anxious and unhealthy. Do you know who you really are? Do you understand your time and your process?

As well as planting a flower, you need to dig the earth, get dirty, plant the seed, water, put in the sun, take care, wait… wait and wait, until a small green tip begins to grow that will become a beautiful flower. This is a time, a process and we have it all.

However, with all the speed of the current world, we are far from our time and our process. With that in mind, we wrote an article for you to understand the importance of reconnecting and being close to nature, check it out:

We came from nature!

Regardless of your religious beliefs, one fact that we cannot dispute is that we are part of the world, therefore, part of nature. The process of birth and conception of a person is something natural.

In addition, we need it to live, it is from the earth that food, water, is the air that the trees filter that we breathe, the sun that gives us vitamins. We need the entire natural ecosystem to be able to live on earth.

If you observe, our processes are similar to the processes of nature, such as birth, we can see similarities, including biological ones, with other mammalian animals.

A date with ourselves

Rediscovering our essence and discovering where we came from, is looking at the future more clearly and in line with your needs and goals. It is essential to find out who we are to decide where we are going!

“If you don’t know where to go, any road will do.”

Alice in Cheshire Cat – Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll.

In addition, when we reconnect, it is possible to make healthier decisions, taking care of your essence and your body. Body & Soul offers an experience in the middle of nature, which helps you to rediscover your essence in the midst of mother nature.

Live a fuller life

When we are connected with our essence and with nature, we can relax better, de-stress, live a healthier life, understand our feelings better and be happier with our decisions, which are smarter.

There are no contraindications to connecting and finding yourself again, just multiple benefits that are noticed almost instantly. Live it, live a Body & Soul experience!

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