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Find your inner peace. Body and Soul retreats benefit/nourish/rejuvenate your physical and mental health and serves as a non-profit that supports the children of migrant farm workers through Project Play Soccer.

“You cannot buy quality of life, you have to earn it!”

Meet Body & Soul

An active adventure focusing on your health through exercise, yoga, and diet, all custom designed to your personal needs and objectives.

Your Body & Soul Adventure will kick start you to a higher quality of life by helping you make good choices and building the discipline to maintain them.

Mike Mitchell, your host at Body and Soul, has spent the last 30-plus years reconnecting to his purpose in life. At 32 years old he decided to choose sobriety and stopped drinking alcohol. His new life began with the help of practicing yoga, flushing his system with water, exercise, music, dancing and, last but not least, finding his mission in life – Project Play Soccer ( – which all helped him to stay the course and tackle life’s biggest problems.

Your California Adventure Options

Support the Project

We ask for a donation to our non-profit/tax deductible in exchange for your adventure.
To participate in the adventure, we ask for a donation of $500/day or more. 1, 2, 3 & 7 day adventures. Body & Soul Adventures is offically the fundraiser machine for Project Play Soccer.

Our accommodations

Combining resort luxury with the comfort of a private. For those who want a sea view.

Enhance your rest and relaxation with our curated onsite amenities.

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